Dave & Busters Opens in Cary Towne Center

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Dave & Buster’s opens its doors today to fun, food, drinks and games at Cary Towne Center. The 29,900-square-foot location will be the 65th D&B venue. Hours: Sunday through Thursday from 11am to midnight and Friday and Saturday 11am to 2am.

The TVs are awesome, you can see every football game that is on. Not into football, the games are so fun! You can find 140 of the most popular new video and arcade games including Temple Run, Cut the Rope, Dizzy Chicken, (four person) Pac-Man and Dark Escape (not for the faint at heart, you’ll be screaming!) Take your tickets to the Winner’s Circle for prizes including Apple products, Xbox games, t-shirts, stuffed animals and more!

Dave & Buster’s gourmet menu features burgers, seafood, steaks, pasta, salads and more! Popular items include Mountain O’Nachos, pretzel dogs and the Lawnmower salad. Also, offering signature cocktails like the Miami Ice Snow Cone … it’s the only place you can get an adult snow cone with booze! And it’s tasty.

You can eat, drink, play and watch sports – that’s my kind of spot!

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RIC Date Night of the Month – June: NoFo @ The Pig

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Each month, RIC’s Erin Gamble will feature a cool date night venue for your courting pleasure. Tweet her with your suggestions! @erin091487

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For a night out in the city of Oaks, NoFo’s creative twist on a historically southern store gives date night a brand new meaning.

In honor of Raleigh Is Cool’s very first “Date Night of the Month” feature, I thought it was fitting to find a venue that was especially perfect for a first date. Most of us could agree that a safe pick for a first date with someone is dinner – not too fancy, but not too casual. Even more of us could agree that a first date is super scary because of one major dilemma – what if you run out of things to talk about? With both of these timeless worries in the back of my mind, I asked my own beau to join me for an evening at NoFo in Five Points to see if it met the criteria.

NoFo, an eclectically southern meets cosmopolitan store and restaurant, is nestled in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood in Raleigh. When we arrived for our date, we were able to sneak a peek at some of the charming goods before the store closed. There were so many unique gifts, we immediately pointed out that we should come by again soon for “a short and entertaining shopping experience” (Read: second date just planned itself, gentlemen!).

Everywhere around us, the atmosphere gave us instant conversation starters. imagePerfect for first date jitters. Pigs were everywhere – pictures of pigs, pig art, and Piggly Wiggly photos danced around the restaurant. It was really fun trying to guess what all the pig business was about. And what kind of name is “NoFo” anyway? Not only For oldies? Nostalgic owner Found orangutan? You get the point.

As an added bonus, our friend and manager, JJ, made an appearance to give us the inside scoop of our date night adventure. We learned that NoFo originally began in Wilmington on the corner of North and Fourth streets in 1997. The Raleigh location is called NoFo at the Pig because the restaurant is actually a restored Piggly Wiggly. This would explain all of the carefully pig-themed tributes to the great southern grocery store.NOFO’s focus is on all things made in North Carolina and the South. It promotes “Love Living Local” with a wealth of carefully chosen products to eat, drink, wear, read, listen to, use and enjoy from southern food artisans, entrepreneurs, designers, farmers, craftsmen, musicians and artists.

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Our server, Mary Clare, made our evening’s experience a breeze. For our drink order, she suggested the Oak City Sour. This idea was right up my alley, so I gave it a whirl. Drinks paired with the Hot Pimento Cheese Dip were delectable. For our meal, Sammy ordered their Blue Plate special for Thursday (Yep. Throwback style) which was meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans, and I ordered the pork loin.  All of it was wonderful – really, no critiques or complaints. Everything was the perfect combination of savory and refreshing. Yet another talking point!

Total cost of the meal was right around $50. Very reasonable for the traditional first date drinks, app, and main course. 

Sammy and I agree that although we were only pretending to be on a first date, NoFo was built for a fun and relaxed environment. Great service, amazing food, and an inviting atmosphere makes NoFo the triple threat in the restaurant biz.

Quality restaurant with a unique history? Perfect first date coming right up!

Planning a date night to NoFo? Let us hear what you think! Tweet us @RaleighIsCool.


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CowFish Video Coverage with Erin Gamble

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What’s cooler than a Cowfish?

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By Sarah Styron

Gwen Poth, the powerhouse promoter of Cowfish totally hooked our team up with a lunch reservation at Cowfish Raleigh. From the welcoming hostess, Amber at the door to manager, Stephen greeting us, to our super cool waiter, Josh …who we appropriately nicknamed the bus driver, because he took us to school on the menu …we were treated like royalty, like family.

Blackened Ahi Tuna Nachos

Blackened Ahi Tuna Nachos

Ryan, one of the fabulous chefs brought us a custom sushi and sashimi plate and a sampling of their other to-die-for appetizers. The blackened Ahi Tuna Nachos (with famous Crab Rangoon dip) was about the best thing I’ve ever tasted, the tuna just melted in your mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted such fresh ingredients in Raleigh EVER! And I’m a TOUGH seafood critic, being raised on the coast of NC with a fisherman as a Daddy. Ryan even treated us to fresh octopus that had been flown in from the islands of Hawaii; I forgot that I WASN’T indeed sitting on the beach for a moment there.

While waiting on our meal, owner Marcus Hall took us into the Cowfish bus, which was an idea that originated from their Charlotte restaurant as a convenient shuttle. You can rent the Raleigh party-style bus out for the night to come pick you up and take you to Cowfish and then home, BRILLIANT!

Not only does Marcus know the restaurant business inside and out with the goal of making everyone’s experience absolutely one-of-a-kind, he can also dish out some pretty great tunes. Jack of all trades, right? Anyone seen the “When Jesus Comes Back” video?? That’s Marcus! Sorry Chapel Hill friends, but an owner that bleeds red and white – I’m a patron for life! Go Wolfpack!

There are also plans to turn some of the outside area into a stage, so keep an eye out for that to come sometime before September. You heard that from us first, it’s like the best of both worlds. And it seems a lot of the Cowfish crew has a love for live music!

The Thundering Herd Bison Burger

The Thundering Herd Bison Burger

Our team split some burgers and fusion specialty sushi and everything was cooked/prepared perfectly. I love that Cowfish offers something for everyone, a perfect

spot for the best burger and sushi. We topped it off with a Cowfish Classic Shake, there isn’t anything they can’t do!

It only gets better with the décor and the bathrooms – I don’t even know where to start. The bathrooms have custom “Rosetta Stone” lessons for Indonesian translated to red neck. And did you know that there really is a fish species, the cowfish? Yup, you can find them in the martini-shaped, 22,000 galloon fish tank inside the restaurant. It’s like a mini aquarium garnished with cheeseburgers and soy sauce. The Cowfish Raleigh centerpiece was featured on the Animal Planet’s reality show “Tanked” that the show’s stars designed and built. Marcus mentioned being tied up for awhile by network waivers, but now it’s a must see, photo showstopper to complete your experience!

The centerpiece: aquarium filled with live cowfish

The centerpiece: aquarium filled with live cowfish

Oh and another thing that I personally enjoyed, I never opened a door. We were probably there for almost 3 hours and in and out the whole time, Cowfish staff really knows how to treat their guests. It’s the small things. I think I’m spoiled for any other restaurant in Raleigh!

Oh, and everyone wanted to know so we asked; Rick Flair lives above the Charlotte Cowfish and is a regular … that’s why there is a burgushi roll named after him, the #ricroll. We like it because Raleigh is Cool = RIC! There is not one thing we would complain about, so what are you waiting for? Burgers, sushi, bar, excellent customer service, the ultimate dining experience … see you at Cowfish Raleigh very soon!


Porky's Revenge

Porky’s Revenge

Fresh lump crapcakes & fried green tomatoes

Fresh lump crapcakes & fried green tomatoes







The famous Burgushi!

The famous Burgushi!

The RIC Team in front of the Cowfish bus.

The RIC Team in front of the Cowfish bus.








So Cool!


Inside Cowfish Raleigh, complete with sushi bar


Fusion roll: The Neon Dion

Fusion roll: The Neon Dion

Chef's selection of fine seasonal fish.

Chef’s selection of fine seasonal fish.

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