Halloween Design Class at The English Garden

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Last night some of the RIC team got to attend the Halloween Design class at The English Garden, How Bootiful flower arrangements! What a fun time and a fun idea for a group of friends or siblings or couples! And added bonus – learn some really handy things from the pros, too.

First you take the Oasis (the green foamy stuff that is soaked in water) and put that in a small clear plastic cup. Tip: make sure you keep the Oasis soaked in water so your arrangement lasts longer. Then take silver cellophane and wrap it around the cup, like you’re wrapping a present. Tip: cut some of it down so you can see the candy corn in the bowl. Place that in the bottom of a glass bowl covering the Oasis with spanish moss. Then, you get to eat candy corn while placing some around the interior of the bowl. Tip: you can use mints for Christmas, or any other kind of festive candy. Next, you place the main flowers you are using into a small bouquet and hold it at the top cutting it down to how tall you want it. Tip: be careful with carnations, they break easily. Then place that into the Oasis. Next, take twigs and put those all around, and tie it up with a bow. Lastly, we covered the bottom section in other flowers and grass. Tip: you can use wire and a wooden stick to tie on the grass and place it in the Oasis. We also learned that the piece of fern doesn’t grow as naturally as it would with real sunlight but you can make it curve a little bit with your hand, after you easily remove the bottom leaves. Check out the gallery below to help with the steps. And be on the lookout for The English Garden’s classes, so fun! 

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