Help Raleigh Families Misplaced by Apt Fire

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I love Raleigh. And one of the reasons I think it’s so cool is the people. As some of you know we started Raleigh is Cool as a way to give back. Well, here’s a great opportunity to love on our city. The city we call home.

Some of you may have heard but 37 apt units were damaged from a fire (Camden Crest):

One family, in particular that was affected is a co-worker of a great friend who was there for me and my roommates when we went through this very same thing in January. They’ve gotten a lot of donations for her boys, awesome! But not very much for her: size 8, med tops, size 6 underwear, size 8 shoes. She specifically needs underwear and pjs, and kitchen stuff. Giftcards are always great too. Also, we won’t turn away clothes and toys for the kids. We won’t turn away anything! And you can donate to Dee’s fundraising website.

There’s so much to do, some families were displaced and only given two nights at places to stay from the Red Cross. If you’re interested in helping out, just let us know:

Thanks for your support, Raleigh!

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