RIC Date Night of the Month – July: Movie Night at the North Carolina Museum of Art

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There is something special about summer nights in Raleigh. Which is why July’s Date Night of the Month is an outdoor picnic and movie at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Sammy and I ventured out around 7:45, picked up some takeout from the ever-enjoyable Whole Foods hot bar, and set out to claim our spot and have dinner before the show – “Silver Linings Playbook”. It was one of those nights that made you stop and appreciate every little aspect of the evening – warm weather, good company, a starry sky, and so on. Apologies for not posting pics. Phones and flash photography are discouraged so that the lights don’t distract from the movie. We gladly complied since it was a great excuse to go off the grid and relax for a couple of hours.

In order to help you plan your date, Sammy and I came up with a list of Do’s and Don’ts that will help you make the most out of your evening:


DO order your movie tickets online ahead of time to avoid long lines before the show.


DO bring a large blanket and pillows! Sammy and I had a smaller blanket and we tried to prop our heads up on our wallets, water bottles, etc. While it was the source of some laughs, spring for the pillows. You’ll forget your laying on the ground!


DO arrive early enough to get a good spot. We snuck in right before the 9pm showtime and the crowd was quite large. However, if you’re running late, no worries! The park is the largest concert venue of all art museums in the country. I’m sure you’ll manage:)


DO bring a chair if you don’t feel like sitting on the ground. The screen is elevated and very big so you won’t obstruct the view of those around you.


DO bring bug spray. The one drawback of North Carolina summer nights – but enjoying the cooler evening outside is still oh so worth it.


DON’T bring alcohol or any beverage where you could possible be transporting alcohol. BUT feel free to purchase wine and beer at the concession stand. Along with other movie snacks and even meals. Yum.


DON’T show up just for the movie. Friday evenings before 9 at the NCMA have a lot to offer. The West Building offers Art In The Evening concerts with wine and small plates (beginning at 5:30). The East and West buildings are open for browsing and the West Building is open for guided tours. Especially check out the current special exhibition in East Building, 0 to 60: The Experience of Time through Contemporary Art, is on view until August 11. Another option is dinner at Iris (open for dinner on Fridays only). Serving local and seasonal cuisine with both regional and international flavors. Here are sample dinner and dessert menus.


DON’T use your cell phone or have it on during the movie. As I mentioned before, it’s very distracting from the movie and the lovely scenery.


Hope this is helpful. If you have any more questions tweet me @erin091487. And if you’re planning on a date night at the NCMA, we’d love to hear from you @RaleighIsCool!

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